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Irina Ionesco, Nocturnes Porte Dorée

de Delphine Camolli - Extrait 3' Documentaire, Super8 sur vidéo, 58’, France, 2003 Festivals : Roma Art Doc Fest 2005, Festival International du Film d’Art de Paris 2004 (citation démarche photographique), Documenta Madrid 2004, Salon des refusés Paris 2004, Les Ecrans Documentaires Gentilly 2003, Immagine Donna, Firenze 2003.This film invites us to discover the world and work of Irina Ionesco, a unique figure of contemporary photography. Scraps from the past and elements of the present come together to evoke the coherence and multiple meanings of Irina’s baroque universe. Little by little her work is illuminated and takes on different vibrations, though we have never left the apartment: her workspace, temple, and museum.
Submitted February 27. 2011 by delphinecamolli


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