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Elmo ST-180D

Also known as ST-180 DM 2-Track projector. Manual provided by Erkan Umut, Istanbul, Turkey.

Kodak Ektagraphic CT1000 16 mm

A Kodak 16mm sound projector. Manual provided by Erkan Umut, Istanbul, Turkey.

Teac X-10R circuit schematics

Circuit schematics for a Teac open reel stereo tape recorder. Provided by Erkan Umut, Istanbul, Turkey.

Teac A-4300SX

A Teac open reel stereo tape recorder in English, German, French and Spanish. Additional information supplement in English. Manuals provided by Erkan Umut, Istanbul, Turkey.

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26/01 2009

the screening room

This website has a new subsection ... the screening room ... featuring our community members' small-format movies.
Join our community and share your movies too!


20/01 2009

Complete overhaul of manuals section

The entire manuals section has been overhauled. First to facilitate the integration of new manuals, secondly to use the advantage of categories for filtering manuals and thirdly to make them searchable via form fields. Hope you like it.


29/11 2007

New features of the links page

The links page has some new functions: click counter, link rating and broken link reporting. Community members may also propose new links!


23/10 2007

Manuals: add yours!

I added an upload function for Community users who'd like to share their manuals. Find it in the manuals section. You have to be registered with this site and logged in to see that page.


30/01 2006


As you may have noticed this site has undergone some rebuilds. Besides the URL change to www.super8aid.net (update your bookmarks!) it is now Typo3-powered and some of the advantages of a Content Management System will be introduced in the months ahead. I thought about adding a Forum for hardware and technical discussions, Polls and a Mailinglist for announcing changes and additions. The manuals will soon be available again.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, articles, manuals or comments. For spam reduction and for easier identification of mailings concerning this site I am using a new eMail adress: anvalin[at]super8aid.net. Please use this adress for your future mailings.


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